Roundtable Membership

Members of the Lower Duwamish Waterway Roundtable provide recommendations to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) throughout the design and construction of the cleanup.

The Roundtable has seats for different types of members: the convener (EPA), caucus leads, tribes, resources members, and others.

  • EPA is the convener of the Roundtable.

  • Caucus leads represent caucuses made up of members with common interests (e.g. community, business, government).

  • Federally-recognized Tribes (Muckleshoot, Suquamish, and Yakama) have all been invited to have their own seats on the Roundtable.

  • Resource members (such as the Washington State Department of Ecology) will provide information and resources to the Roundtable, but won’t necessarily develop recommendations for EPA.

  • The “Ad-Hoc” seat is for any individual or entity who wants to participate in the Roundtable but does not fit within an existing seat.

The public is welcome to attend the meeting as observers. At the end of each meeting, there will be an opportunity for comments and questions from non-Roundtable members.

Please contact Julie Congdon (206-553-2752), Community Involvement Coordinator, if you’d like to learn more about joining the Roundtable.

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